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Meet new and new-to-you neighbors by signing up for the GHCA Neighborhood Buddy Program! 

Moving into a new neighborhood and getting to know people can be challenging, and sometimes, old friends move out of the neighborhood leaving a void.  The buddy program is a win-win for both new and existing residents.  It is intended to help new people learn more about the neighborhood and the surrounding area while meeting and getting to know a welcoming face, and it will help existing residents meet some new neighborhood friends who are open to forming new friendships.

The program is self-driven.  The GHCA Neighborhood Buddy Team will match you up and share the provided contact information with your assigned buddy.  It will be up to you what you do with it, it could be an informational helper relationship providing helpful hints in navigating Annapolis, it could be a buddy to grab a coffee or a glass of wine with, or create a book club with, it can be anything you are willing to create together, based on the common interests you identify together.  

It’s a great opportunity to get to know a neighbor on a deeper level than the cordial wave hello.  Are you interested in getting matched up with a buddy?  Complete the survey and we will be in touch once we have a buddy to match you with.  Questions? Email Antonia Barry at [email protected].

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