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Germantown-Homewood is a unique neighborhood. Every home is different and distinctive. We can walk to many local establishments offering a range of goods and services; we can bicycle further afield, whether it be the historic Colonial district downtown or West Annapolis. And with local freeways within shouting distance, we can be on the road to anywhere else in no time.

We are a diverse community of  over 550 households. Many residents can “remember when”, while others are more recent arrivals from points near and far. Our population is trending younger.

Our community is blessed with multiple natural and physical assets. The brand-new Michael E. Busch Annapolis Regional Library is at our heart on West Street. The headwaters of Spa Creek run through and behind Homewood. The Germantown Athletic Fields draw people and their dogs for fun and exercise – and, of course, athletes. The Poplar Park Path connects us to West Street and its shops, pubs and restaurants and on to downtown, the City Dock, St. John’s College, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the historic Maryland State House and Maryland Avenue.

The Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium stands guard at our eastern perimeter. An added plus for residents: Navy plays football there six- to-eight times a year. The Germantown Elementary School has a dynamic and diverse enrollment with a strong PTA. There are at least two middle schools to choose from, while Annapolis High School offers decades of tradition and has regained its academic and athletic integrity.

We are an integral part of Annapolis, contributing to, and benefitting from, this picturesque and popular city on the Bay. As a resident, you will discover just how beautifully located and traditional our Germantown-Homewood is.

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